Many people do not realize how amazing the pineapple is.  Besides it’s weird shape, pronged top, & it’s bright yellow color the pineapple has other huge amazing health benefits. 

While the pineapple may look intimidating, it doesn’t hurt when you touch it.  Your body will thank you when you eat this underutilized super fruit!  The pineapple has a days worth of vitamin C, & then some, in just 1 cup of fresh cut pineapple chunks.   

A cats reaction to a pineapple can be priceless, but this amazing plant can actually be more effective than some OTC cough syrups.  In my opinion it’s better than Promethazine with Codine.
You can drink the juice or eat the pineapple when coughing.  I swear to you it helps my coughing hands down.  It’s my family’s go to for coughing. 

Dieting, really is never any fun.  To be successful at a diet it has to be a lifestyle change.  I love snack cakes.  Snack cakes were very hard to not eat when starting my new life.  That’s when I found the great and amazing pineapple.  A good ripe pineapple should smell like a pineapple strongly when you sniff it.  A ripe pineapple is so juicy & sweet you could eat it for candy (try freezing it), a drink with food by just eating it, breakfast, snacks, & so on. 

The pineapple is normally thought of as a tropical fruit, but not quite so! The last info I’m going to leave you with about this fruit shocked me.  You can regrow it just by cutting top of & placing it in water.  Just surf on over to pintrest, there’s several things you can regrow from scraps.