Sometimes people tend to speak without thinking.  Actually, many times people tend to stick their foot in their mouths.  I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to sticking my foot in my mouth.  Some people simply don’t care what they say out loud.  Then there are those who think you are not able to hear them so they speak ugly things. 

In my profession I do NOT believe in the word fat.  I also do NOT like skinny.  There are very few rare occasions those 2 words can be acceptable.  What boggles my mind is why is it if I were to call someone fat it’s fat shaming, but calling someone skinny in a negative way is acceptable.  Well, I’m here to tell you from a person who’s been both fat & skinny, neither are acceptable in my book!

This skinny shaming story starts in a small town of only 1700 people.  We only have a dollar general aka the gentral!  So, in order to get anything but fresh produce this is where you have to go.

I walk in the gentral with my hubby & daughter.  As we walk in my anxiety goes through the roof.  I was just waiting on someone to say something malicious.  In this small town people can be cruel!  The shopping experience rather nice.  We had no issues, till……….

We went to check out.  2 registers open; we go to the shortest one.   As we start to walk out I over hear someone speaking.  My daughter beside me, & I am her example. So I slowed down to listen.  I’m a mother, my hearing is on fleek! I overhear  someone talking about how skinny I am.  Talking complete shit about me!   It hurt so I turned around not saying a word to her , but letting her know I heard her.  As I start to turn around I notice her figure.  She looked like me years ago, & I said to myself, “Brittany jealousy is a sickness & insecure people hate on others.” 

It made me livid, but held composure because the example I was setting forth for my young lady of a daughter. 

I then reflected on what all had transpired.  Why is it OK to skinny shame people?  I don’t shame anyone for the simple fact I don’t know what’s going on in their life.  Skinny? Maybe they are sick.  Fat? Maybe they have already lost 150 lbs.  Skinny? Maybe she’s on drugs or maybe she’s eating healthy.  Fat? Maybe it a medical issue or maybe the person is lazy.  You don’t know what goes on outside what you read on Facebook. 

Either way, this woman hurt my feelings.  I seem hard, but it’s because this world made me this way.  Beneath the Kevlar is a heart of gold & it bruises easily. 

Let’s all keep our internal monolog internal!
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