I have never really been a lover of oranges.  As a child I did not like orange juice. There is something about the acidity and sourness of the orange that I simply despise.  When Halos came along I thought I’d hit the jackpot!  Then my child had an Easter party. At her school party, & her teacher had brought oranges. When I grabbed an orange, I looked at the inner color of the flesh.  It looked like I was holding a tiny grapefruit. I asked her teacher what kind of orange they were.  All she could tell me was that she bought them in a bag at Walmart.  So then begin the quest for the orange that looks like a mini-grapefruit.

The Cara Cara orange is also known as the red navel. It gets the name red navel due to the rosy color on the interior of the orange.  With this in mind, I’d always heard of blood oranges, so that was what I bought in the search of the great Cara Cara.  I knew the inside of a blood orange could be red so I figured it could also be a pale pink.  The blood orange was nowhere as sweet as the one I had had at my daughter’s Easter party at school.  I knew right then and there I had struck out!


Normal navels are too sour for me, I knew blood oranges wasn’t what I was looking for a, I knew Halos are sweet and I love them, and I knew that Mandarin oranges were some of my favorite oranges to eat!  So by process of elimination and standing in the orange section Walmart for over 10 minutes I saw the bag of Cara Cara oranges! Bingo! I grab the bag and to the cashier’s stand I went.


The taste of Cara Cara oranges is very complex and very very unique. This is why I was in such search of this great and amazing orange.  Due to the low acidity in the Cara Cara Orange it’s very sweet with no seeds. The complex taste is a bit more than the traditional navel orange, with hints of cherry, rose, and blackberry.  I open the bag of oranges as soon as it was home, then cut one open. I saw what I had been searching for, the amazing pink fruit of the Cara Cara Orange.  As I bit into my wedge I knew I had found what I have been searching for!

The Cara Cara orange is fat free, cholesterol-free, sodium free, high-fiber, has lots of vitamin C, and folate.  Did you know that oranges are one of the few fruits that can not over-rippen and if left on the tree?   A Cara Cara  orange can be left at room temperature for 4 days and up to two weeks in the refrigerator. 

I’m here to tell you, I hate oranges and I love the Cara Cara Orange. If you don’t like oranges don’t judge a book by it’s cover try the Cara  Cara orange!  One Bad Apple doesn’t ruin it for the bunch, or should I say one orange doesn’t run the whole bushel?