DERAILMENT TO GOALS: Car Crash “A Series of Unfortunate Events”


As we head down the road with one headlight, somehow we got turned around. Please, let’s not forget we are flatlanders not hillbillies. We head the wrong way going back to where we just came from. It was very dark outside because there’s no lights in the hills & woods. We had 1 headlight trying to navigate these winding hill infested roads.

My husband looked down to his phone to pull up yahoo maps, & swerved across the double yellow lines in a small town we were passing through. Of course, here comes the lights and sirens. The officer pulls us over asking for all our identification. As we hand him all the id’s; he then pulls my husband out of the car for a sobriety check. A sobriety check was to be suspected seeing as he crossed a double yellow. After passing the follow the light game, the stand & count game, & 2 breathalyzers later he was deemed completely sober. My husband then preceeds to ask the officer how to get back to the bootheel of Missouri. He let’s us know we were heading the wrong way, & tells us which way to go. So again the four of us push onward to our journey home with 1 headlight on a Chevy Malibu.

Somewhere along the way, I fell asleep in the car unbuckled. I never can sleep in the car for fear of a wreck while I am asleep. I will also confess a small part of that is a biproduct of me being so controlling about making sure I’m awake to yell at the driver if I get my butt hole puckered.



May 2, 2016

I hit the gym hard today.  Yesterday’s accomplishments were amazing so today was delts!  Half way into my Rob Bailey playlist I recieved a phone call from my hubby saying my daddy had been trying to reach me.  So I immediately call him, ceasing all training at that very moment.  I was told Mama requested my presence at home.  So I rushed over.

Once there I walk in and she looks horrible!  I take her spo2, hbpm, & BP constantly.  I took a dehydration skin test.  Instantly I knew she was dehydrated.  My dad & I tried to get her to sit up.  Her vertigo was so bad, the sitting up motion made her vomit.  The part that hit me hard as a daughter, was the fact I had to help hold her up to puke. I for the first time saw her as old, kind of  like I had done as a young girl with my own mother helping my grandmother.  It was a major shock to me to see her that way.

My dad was scared & in no position to make decisions because of his concern for my mom; so I decided to make the decision to get an ambulance.  My mom didn’t want 911 called because last time some woman who owns the Facebook group “The Clink” put it out in the group because she heard it on the scanner.  So my dad offered to drive down the street to the ambulance station.  I told him let me go and him stay with her.  As I’m exiting the front door I thought I could drive or run.  I decided it was quicker to run.  I run 5ks, so why not!  So I ran, I don’t know if it was adrenaline or what, but that was the fastest I’ve ever ran. 

The ambulance arrives, no lights or sirens. The EMTs could get the stretcher down the hallway, but could not get it into her bedroom. So they had to pick my mom up by her bed sheet and place her onto the gurney.  They wheel her out the front door and place her in the ambulance.

My dad in the meantime is frantically trying to get dressed and get her things together. He did not know what pants or shirt, makeup, and other female items to get her. So I got all the items together and pack them for him.

As my father and I start to walk out the front door I hear him say something that absolutely broke my heart. He exclaims one of these days we’re going to be taken away and one of us won’t be coming back. He then proceeded to tear up. I let him have his space , and we both parted ways and I went back home to get my husband and daughter while he went to the hospital. 

We went to the hospital & met my dad. As of now the cause is unknown, and I’ll continue to pray.


PERSONAL DIARY: The Guy That Grunts To Get Attention In The Gym


May 14, 2016

My husband had planned on helping my sister move her stuff into her new home in Jonesboro, Arkansas today.  So me being the PR person I know I can be decided to also plan ahead to work.  We all know my work consists of training mostly, so I decided to go to the gym my husband & I visited together before we were married.  I send out a notice via Facebook I was going to train not thinking much more about it.  I just wanted someone to train with was why I posted it, lame I know right!

As we roll into Jonesboro I see my alumni, my old school, where I got my college degree, Arkansas State University!  O! The fun my family had there at tailgates & football games.  I’m at the same moment preparing myself for what I’m about to have to do.

As I roll into the parking lot of the gym; I look at the huge building in front of me, and it is somewhat intimidating due to the fact in our small hometown gyms don’t look like this.  It’s not like I haven’t been in this gym a million times before, but it still intimidated me.

I first go in the women’s only weight room just to get adjusted. I do my stretching and a few machine weights in that room alone. I then noticed something funny to myself; 4 girls have trickled in, in the time I have been in this woman’s only weight room.  Out of the four girls that were in the weight room while I was in there two remained when I left.  The first girl did each machine for 5 seconds then left for the women’s locker room never to be seen again. I wondered to myself how could she possibly have gotten anything accomplished so I assumed I would see her again at some other part of the gym.  Another girl entered and she was in there approximately 10 minutes. I did pass judgment on her thinking the same as I did before with the other lady. Have you know, the second lady I met in the lady’s room, was up in the coed machine weight room. So I was wrong for passing judgment on her period she was there doing the same thing I was. Again, the second lady who entered the ladies locker room with me, was in the cardio area when I was up there. The girl that was on the machines for five seconds each time was never to be seen again.

I make my way down to the coed free weight room. Note I am the only female in this entire area. Given! that most gyms I visit, there’s always that one guy who wants to try to help you because he thinks you know absolutely diddly-squat about anything. I’ve become the queen of bitchery, so I always have a witty sarcastic comeback.

Most of the guys left me alone in the coed free weight room. But yet there’s always that one guy who seems to need to grunt like he’s constipated trying to pass a brick every time he lifts a weight.   Now I’m here to tell you he was grunting  excessively!  It wasn’t because he was actually putting out maximum effort, but rather he was trying to grab my attention.  Note again, had he been hot I could have tolerated the annoying grunts.    So to avoid this annoying behavior, I moved to the other side of the free weight room to do a bit of rowing action.  Rowing is the one thing I can’t do in my home gym so I was taking full advantage of this machine.  Here comes up Mr. Gruntfest!  After eight sets of rowing action; I then move back over to where I was at on the freeweights on the other side of the room.  So while I’m doing plate rows he then follows me back over there where I’m at.  He was like a bad case of herpes that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of.  I leave and go upstairs to the cardio area to do some stair climbing.  Thinking I had gotten rid of my case of herpes.

My goal in the workout was 17 flights of stairs. Guess who shows up? Mr. Gruntastic himself.  It took me 5 minutes to do 17 flights of stairs. When I saw him step up on the treadmill next to me, I kicked the level of the speed up about 9 notches.  Then I left.

I did what I came to do. I lifted weights really well I was pleased with my work ethic. I enjoyed seeing the friends that showed up. I did not expect anyone to show up actually, but the fact people did show up just to train with me made me feel fantastic!

Gentlemen, I have one bit of advice for you in the gym. To get the ladies, don’t get behind her or beside her and grunt every time you left the damn weight.  To follow her around the entire gym says you’re a stalker.




APRIL 3, 2016

Today I started my 12 week bulking plan that I carefully planned out myself.  The entire 12 week program is based around my body’s natural female menstrual cycle.  To maximize when my estrogen is at its lowest & my testosterone is at its highest.  I planned carefully around the time of the month a female is also most susceptible to injuries based on that menstrual cycle.  Program: bodyspace: skinny girl problems by: Bootheel Fitness

So today was the kickoff of my program I planned all by myself.  I took my before pictures to post to see if my plan works when the after pics are done.  I planned this program in a total of 9 hours worked, accumulated.  When I started I thought I can do this, but then half way through my internal monolog kicked in.  Thinking to myself, “I think your eyes were bigger than you stomach girl!”  In other words, you really wanted to see how far you could push yourself, & you may have over thought your capabilities. 

I thought of a person I truly look up to when that negative thought crossed my mind.  That person was Dana Bailey.  Jamming to her hubby, Rob Bailey, I said to myself, “Hell no!  Days off I don’t play that shit!” I then started to really push myself hard!  You could say beast most engaged. 

This was just workout 1 of 2.  Yeah, I start off with an easy 2 a day for the first day of a program.  A 2 a day can weed out the week, & we are here for results baby! This workout was deltoid only! I pushed through and completed 1 of 2. Thought I couldn’t do it, but I did & what! Boom! Ranked it 10/10 on my bodyspace account.  Bodyspace: BootheelFitness or my name.

Waited 1.5 hours & started workout number two!  This workout focused on my lats and traps aka back.  I did not finish all of exercise 3 because I made a superset of 3 exercises.  I will retry this workout again and try again to see if I can finish the challenge I set forth before myself.  I’m a perfectionist in most everything I do. 

I finished with my hubby sitting in the gym cheering me on to finish.  It was nice having him there cheering me on.  I think it really did help push me further.  He’s a great hubby like that.  I finished my last exercise strong. I was pleased with my effort.  Gave this second workout another 10/10 on effort. 

workout 1-deltoids aka shoulders

SUPERSET: DB Arnold Press/Band Pull Apart
S=sets     R=reps    W=weight  

W-15 R-15/W-8 R-15
W-15 R-10/W-8 R-15
W-15 R-8/W-8 R-15
W-15 R-12/W-8 R-15

DB Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
W-5 R-15
W-5 R-15
W-5 R-15
W-5 R-10
W-5 R-10
W-5 R-12

SUPERSET: Front DB raise/DB 1 Arm Upright Row
W-5 R-15/W-15 R-10
W-5 R-15/W-15 R-10
W-5 R-15/W-15 R-10
W-5 R-15/W-15 R-8
W-5 R-15/W-15 R-12

Back-Traps & Lats

Barbell Shrug
W-45 R-40
W-45 R-30
W-45 R-30
W-45 R-30
W-45 R-30

SUPERSET: Close Grip Lay Pull Down/KB Sumo High Pull/Standing DB Upright Row
W-100 R-20/W-20 R-15/W-15 R-5
W-100 R-15/W-20 R-10/W-15 R-7
W-100 R-12/W-20 R-12/W-15 R-4
W-100 R-12/W-20 R-5/W-15 R-0  😦

Wide-Grip Pull Down Behind Neck
W-100 R-15
W-100 R-15
W-100 R-15
W-100 R-10
W-100 R-12
W-100 R-12
W-100 R-12
W-100 R-16

Thanks for reading!
♤Brittany Luppy ♤




This afternoon we had 2 waves of storms roll through.  Both storms had major lightening & beautiful rolling thunder.  The plains of the Missouri Mississippi River Delta creates thunder like I’ve heard nowhere else in my travels.  It seems to come and go and roll on and on in a rumble.  I love the kinds of storms with less severe weather, but lots of lightening. 

As the next wave of storms started to roll through.  I took the few minutes before it got bad to do yoga on my wooden front porch.  I let the wind blow into my face by positioning my body so it went directly into my body letting it embrace me and wisp my face.  I did a few easy poses.  I think I did tree, warrior, superhero, sun salutation, and so on.  It was amazing. 

I see lightening starting to flash while I’m in thanks, though my eyes are closed in meditation while standing.  As I say thank you, I got the most beautiful thunder boom.  It was as if the universe had said you’re welcome for the peace you just recieved. 

Honestly I was at peace.  I suffer from chronic anxiety.  Fitness helps instead of medicine for the anxiety, but meditation is where it’s at.  To me thunder is incredibly relaxing.  I want to sleep or meditate when I hear it.  This was a moment this evening I wanted to share with you all. 

Take a moment to soak in the small amazing things we often overlook. 

DERAILMENT TO GOALS: Car Crash “Flashbacks Down Memory Lane”


I opened my eyes around noon that Sunday morning.  While most people are busy getting ready for church, I was talking on the phone to my best friend disgussing when to leave in order to have my daughter back in time for bed.  I remember going out onto my front porch, looking at the sky, thinking of how beautiful it was.  The sky was crystal clear & blue, like our senior year when 9/11 happened! When most things are to perfect, they usually are. 

We leave at noon, which was entirely to late, but his son wanted my daughter to go too.  Feeling bad that he had to leave, I pushed back my motherly feelings & said ok.  Sometimes those instincts need to have more attention paid to them, I now think they are little moments in life our spirit guides try to give us a warning. 

The drive was beautiful.  As we drive through the town my best friend and myself had grown up in so many years ago, we spoke of all the fun we had.  We told my loving husband all our shinanigans as we passed each place, it was super nice reliving memories from 16 years past.   We head out across Crowley’s Ridge, & as we top the last hill you can see for miles.  More memories flooding our brains of happy memories.  It was as if we were watching our life flash before our eyes together. 

We head towards our destination, little did we know what devestation lay ahead for my family.


DERAILMENT TO GOALS: Car Crash “The Great Migration”


The picture on the right is of my best friend whom I grew up with since a child.  Both from Arkansas schools.  Trust him with my life.  The picture on the left is of his son whom I adore!

The morning of Sunday the October 25, 2015, he decided to ask my family along.  We had given him a place to stay, seeing his wife & him were getting a divorce.  His son had begged us to go because he and my daughter had made great best friends.  So we decided to go, not realizing what was goimg to happen. 

We went because we all loved him.  He lived with us for months.  He never bothered us, and became my best friend again!  Why wouldn’t I want to see the ozark mountains?  They are beautiful!  So we went.  I think more for me than anything. 

We headed out of Northeast Arkansas and onward we went to Northwestern Arkansas; quite the drive!  So happy we were!  Laughing! Kids giggling! My best friend & his son having their last moments together before we dropped him off at his mother’s home in Northwest Arkansas. 

The whole reason for the trip was to take his son back to his soon to be ex…..

DERAILMENT TO GOALS: Car Crash “O Happy Day!”



I will post many stories of derailments I have had the luxury of experiencing unfortunately. In other posts will be of other inspiration or help to you.

This first series will be of the most recent derailment I have had is the one I wish to talk about first because the emotion is still really fresh in my mind both emotionally as well as mentally.

The pictures you see are my sweet perfect family on the right. Taken a few days before the crash that happened in October. The picture on the left is of me the morning of the crash. Not realizing later on those expensive jeans given to me by my best friend Brandy Humphreys, my new $60 bra from Victoria’s Secret (worn for first time that day), & my padded undies for my killer butt (secret revealed in those jeans lol) would later be cut off on the side of the road.

We were so happy that day for the trip we were about to embark on. We had no idea what the next 24 hours had in store for us.