The picture on the right is of my best friend whom I grew up with since a child.  Both from Arkansas schools.  Trust him with my life.  The picture on the left is of his son whom I adore!

The morning of Sunday the October 25, 2015, he decided to ask my family along.  We had given him a place to stay, seeing his wife & him were getting a divorce.  His son had begged us to go because he and my daughter had made great best friends.  So we decided to go, not realizing what was goimg to happen. 

We went because we all loved him.  He lived with us for months.  He never bothered us, and became my best friend again!  Why wouldn’t I want to see the ozark mountains?  They are beautiful!  So we went.  I think more for me than anything. 

We headed out of Northeast Arkansas and onward we went to Northwestern Arkansas; quite the drive!  So happy we were!  Laughing! Kids giggling! My best friend & his son having their last moments together before we dropped him off at his mother’s home in Northwest Arkansas. 

The whole reason for the trip was to take his son back to his soon to be ex…..